Modern Day Venus Moment: How to be treated like a treasure

nudeinwinterA couple of weeks ago, we had some friends in town. On my way to meet them and my man one cold, dark, November evening, I saw a girl pass by — dressed as though she were going out… Great Dress. But no coat. no scarf…no tights. my goodness! brrrr!!!

It reminded me of my college days when I used to see groups of girls walking to parties in the middle of winter, tank tops on, coats off.

and then I thought “ooo wait, I was one of those girls.”

Even up till a couple of years ago! I remember winter after winter dressed beautifully but in nothing nearly enough to keep my body nourished and warm in this cold time.

Last year, I got two body warmers as gifts.  I barely wore them.

But this year it’s totally different. Yes, I want to look pretty. And yes I want my man to think I look pretty.  But for me to be really beautiful, first means that I must take care to take care of myself beautifully.

I am my greatest treasure.

So the other day I got a nice squeeze from my man in the doorway. We had just gotten back from an afternoon out.

“Are you wearing you body warmer?” he asked.

“Yes!” And I pulled it up for him to see 😉 “I’m my greatest treasure. I want to take care of myself.”

And he replied: “Please take care of yourself. You are for me too.


Moral of the story: You ARE YOUR own GREATEST TREASURE. You are also priceless to a man.

so take care of yourself this season…

cuz baby it’s cold outside… <3



Sealed with a kiss,


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