Modern Day Venus Moment <3: Amanda has a secret...

IMG_0950This journal comes with a story.

I was on the hunt for something fantastic ~ a place to house all my secrets and ideas for Birth of Venus Coaching. When there I saw it, sparkly and elegant and called the “Secretbook”.

“Perfect!!”, I cried in the middle of the store! And then I went to grab it,

and EVERYTHING FELL OUT OF MY HANDS…all the paper, folders, and new sparkly pencils…everything.

I was really startled. I took a breathe and felt surprisingly relieved at how I didn’t yell at myself inside, no hot cheeks, no avoiding other people’s glances. It was simply, no problem.

So I picked up all my goodies from the floor. And reached for that new shining journal. And… EVERYTHING FELL OUT OF MY HANDS. AGAIN.

I looked up and just stood there for a second. In that moment…a man who happened to be at the other end of the aisle walked over quickly, bent down, retrieved everything and came towards me smiling, arms open, hands with folders, binders and all…

It was the perfect damsel in distress moment. The perfect modern day Venus moment. I was just a girl. And the boy rescued me… And the best part I was, I let him.

The end.

Moral of the story: Let a man help you. They want to.

And it’s ok if you drop things. You aren’t silly. or stupid. or have butterfingers. You’re wonderfully imperfect you…

Sealed with a kiss,



p.s.I wanna know!: Do you ever refuse help from a man? If so why?

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