Modern Day Venus Moment!

Let yourself enjoy the profound pleasure of a Modern Day Venus Moment and join me for a


Feeling Check in!
What is this?
It’s easy! Just the way a modern day Venus likes it! 😉
Ready?Right now, allow yourself one minute from your busy/hectic Tuesday.
Take your focus off the work you are doing, off your man, off your worries, off what you’ll be eating tonight for dinner or the latest drama your friend has just confided in you and feel into how you are FEELING right now!Not what you think you should be feeling or want to be feeling…but how you actually feel.
There is no right or wrong answer. You are not being graded.

You are however giving yourself a huge amount of respect and love and attention by doing this.

And that is really sexy.

Here’s mine below — feel free to be as poetic and descriptive as you like! And share below!

“I’m feeling so sensual today! Maybe it’s the rain…maybe it’s my kimono style wrap, maybe it’s my soft beating heart. It feels like cashmere – such a nice, inviting place to nestle in on a cozy day.”
If you didn’t do this, or if you said to yourself, Amanda, are you crazy? I don’t have enough time for this!  Just so you know,
if you as a woman do not focus on yourself, a man will not want to put his focus on you either. 
Men want a prize. 
And a prize is a woman who values herself.  Taking these 60 seconds is a great way to get used to making YOURSELF a priority!
Sealed with a kiss,

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