Behind Magnetic to Men and Money: A look at the Program


This 8 week program is designed to help you build a solid foundation of security, confidence, and worth, that greatly expand the amount of happiness, success, and love you experience with men and money.

Below is an outline of each content call and how it will specifically guide you to more ease, attraction, confidence and joy in both love and money.

You will have a total of 16 calls with me!  8 content calls and 8 private Q and A calls to get your questions answered.



“Mighty Aphrodite Rising Out Of The Sea Foam” Henry Courtney Selous, French, 19th century

Week 1 – 4: Our fears in men and money

The four biggest fears around money and love. Each of these fears are what I call shells — they distract us and defend us, so that love and money cannot come toward us. These fears are running the show and have kept you believing, feeling, and even compelled to think that you have to work for men and money.

But both are actually aching to be with us every moment of every day. Right now. This moment. Men and money want to pour themselves into you and wrap you into their loving, supportive embrace.

By removing these shells, these fears, we are able to FULLY emerge as a woman able and willing to be loved by men and money. This woman, as I like to say, Modern Day Venus, is open to love, open to money, and open to her own priceless worth in the world and in romance.

These fears will be revealed before each call to give you time to reflect before our session together. It will also give each fear we work with more time and focus on as well as the maximum time for each fear to be concentrated on.


Alte Pinakothek

“The money changer and his wife” Marinus van Reymerswaele, 1541

Week 5: Detangling men from money and money from men.

Have you ever fought with someone you loved about money? Has money come between you and your husband or beloved? Are you afraid your financial history or current financial situation will be a turn off for a potential mate or relationship? This is PAINFUL.  Often our love lives and financial lives can get messy especially when they are wrapped up in each other.  But both Money and love are here to support us in our lives and both are ACHING to be with you right now… This call will help you unravel one from the other so you can see them both clearly and focus on what you want from both.   It will also include specific ways to talk about money with a man in a way that brings both of you closer together.


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“Mars and Venus, Allegory of Peace” by Louis Jean François Lagrenée 1770

  Week 6: Am I being a Woman money wants to be with? Am I being a woman men want to be with? How we repel money and men.

Most of us unfortunately do things every day that throw cold water on a man’s love and attraction for us.  The same goes for money. In this week we will focus on how we demagnetize money and men from ourselves. This is one of my specialities!  You will become aware of the specific ways YOU have been pushing money and men away. And this is very necessary, because before we can become attractive to men and money we must find the ways that are actually decreasing attraction, or even killing it. By focusing on the 4 keys of magnetism, old patterns can be neutralized. This is ESSENTIAL to re-establish a healthy, hot and happy relationship with men and money.


Palais Stoclet in Brussells

Stoclet Fries – Die Erfüllung Gustav Klimt, 1905

Week 7: Where the magic happens — How to be absolutely irresistible to men and money

MAGNETISM 101. Now that we’ve stopped demagnetizing, it is SO time to turn up the heat. In this call you will learn the dynamics of attracting men and money in order to have a winning relationship with both. The explanation of this call may be short and sweet, but it is among the juiciest and most fun of all.  Get ready to be a magnet for an abundance of money and men ladies. You were born for this.


“A Wealth Of Treasure” Della Rocca, 19th century

Week 8: Worthy of love: Your treasure room.

This is the special place that lies inside every woman.  THIS is where her worth is stored. Her value.

What’s inside? What’s inside that makes you full of priceless worth to men and money?

What is YOUR specific treasure?


Ladies, We are INDISPENSIBLE.  We are the greatest treasures for men.  Let’s claim this FINALLY.

And while we are at it, let’s claim our right to be abundant!  Wealthy abundance pouring in. Feeling so attractive to money that it just wants to fly to you, stick to you, be with you, care for you. LOVE YOU.

for good. for ever.

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