Love in color! Red is not the only color of romance…

Red lipstick smeared or unsmeared.   A man presenting us with a surprise bouquet of red roses. Our beating red hearts and little red hearts on cards everywhere. Best of all, red lingerie that is the secret in our smile when we wear it…all  synonymous with love.

Red is famous when it comes to love and for great reason.  This color symbolizes passionlife (literally the color of our blood) , sex, and great great love

However, red is JUST ONE color. And My philosophy at Birth of Venus Coaching is that we can use EVERYTHING to our advantage. 

EVERYTHING is here to support us in creating the relationship of our dreams…

That’s why I’ve written about 6 other colors that are highly beneficial to us in relationships. These colors along with red, evoke different aspects of a great love relationship and help us develop in these areas.  Surround yourself with them, keep them close and wear them as clothing, jewelry (accessories), lingerie…

Soon you’ll begin to realize:

Red is not the only color of Romance…

Not at all…

 1. Orange

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This color adds fire and warmth to everything. It is bold and confident. And yet…very very romantic.

Think of sunsets on a great date…or the romance of the sunrise after talking all night long together…

Orange is also the traditional color of sensuality.  Think about it, when do we see this color most often? In Autumn, when everything ripens, when everything is full of color, when we gather and enjoy what we have with those we love the most. This is all about pleasure and enjoyment. The lust for life and the savoring of it.

All huge components of sensuality.

Orange is also FANTASTIC  for anytime you feel shocked because it brings and breathes life back into you.

And this happens at one time or another in all relationships, even in the best ones…

Wonderful to wear when anytime you want to feel self assured, sensual and full of the love of life.



Florence+Uffizi+Birth+of+Venus+via+Wikimedia love turquoise. Here’s a little secret of mine:  I think it’s such a cool color.  I always have. And if colors were people, I would really really want to be best friends with it.

And it can really help us out in relationships. Turquoise’s magic is huge.

So often we as women are stuck thinking in our brains 24/7, rationalizing, analyzing, hypothesizing…  This is great for your work…but not for your romantic relationship relationship.  That’s why we need Turquoise.

It Gets us out of thinking mode.

It does this by gently stopping us from trying to explain ourselves and instead allows the voice of our emotions to shine through.  We have TONS as women and it is VITAL that we learn to express ourselves from our hearts.

If we want to experience a lasting connection with a man…

Turquoise sort of creates a smooth way for our feelings to come from our hearts and be shared with our words.

It helps us find our voices.  And speak it in a VERY ATTRACTIVE FEMININE WAY.

Turquoise has been invaluable to me and is especially good for people like me, who find it hard sometimes to put words to feelings.   or to express themselves…

Overall, this color will help you talk to a man

Find a pretty necklace, in a turquoise hue that you love and know that the more you wear it, the more it’s helping you communicate.

p.s. Notice that like half of Bottecelli’s Birth of Venus is painted in turquoise shades?  there is something about this color and Venus…


3.  Brown

9632acc2e0de3aad6f9a52ecdc929000ok, I used to feel repelled by this color. No wonder.  It’s the color of intimacy. And for a very long time, I couldn’t do intimacy at all. I didn’t even understand it. Brown creates an atmosphere of coziness. of closeness. of intimate gatherings with the dearest of friends in our lives…as well as the deep, close union between partners.

Brown brings out our sexuality.  I’ve heard many reports that looking at walls painted in brown shades, triggers our subconscious to think about sex.  To imagine naked skin, naked bodies and the physical intimacy between the …PERFECT for a hot and well rounded relationship

Brown is a color of closeness, of warmth, of a lover’s touch. His arm wrapped around you, his lips to your ear whisper words that only you can hear and are only meant for you.

Wear this, bedeck yourself with it, surround yourself if you are wanting to enhance intimacy on all levels…especially the physical.


4. Pink

Romantic flower tunnel by JoyfulThailand on Getty Images

Yes, it can be girly. But I love pink for its other qualities. It brings out such softness.

Often, I’ll wear this color if I feel harsh and rough. And especially if I feel overly critical about myself or my man.  It’s a great color to have on/have near by in a tense situation.For Pink is absolutely VITAL in developing our sense of total acceptance of others and ourselves.

In romance terms this means our man and ourselves ~ wherever we are. And our relationship ~whatever stage and shape it’s  in.

As I see it, Pink really reigns over SELF LOVE.Which is an ingredient needed for incredible attraction AND great relationship.   I’ve experienced many times how soothing pink can be when I feel bitterly angry especially toward myself. And it does this so tenderly.  Pink may be light but it goes very very deep.  It helps you as a woman surrender into your deepest fullest femininity. Even talking about this color just makes me want to sit back, relax and melt all over. like ice cream sitting out on the counter after a few minutes…

This color feels safe, loving and gentle.  And if these qualities are what you are wishing to bring out in yourself OR in the relationship.  Pink is the way to go.

Plus it’s so so lovely…La vie en rose baby. A romantic’s dream 😉



7519cb2d033f9798e58de69df52db4eaLush. Growing. Expansive. Alive.

Green encapuslates all of these. The images that come to mind when I hear these words are of a gorgeous garden. Well maintained, overflowing with beauty and absolutely THRIVING.

Do you see how perfectly these qualities translate into a relationship? And not just a relationship but a HEALTHY, BLOOMING ONE.

This is a relationship that is unstoppable.

That is Emotionally strong. Well rooted, nourished and abundant in all regards.

juicccccyyyyyy succulence. 😉

The juiciness and emotional stability of our relationship has a lot to do with our own emotional capabilities as women.  Luckily, (and green is the color of luck! 😉 green is the color associated with our heart region.  It helps us feel more open in our hearts and develop emotionally.  So for those of us who feel closed and even shut down, this is a PERFECT color.

I’ll share with you that in my own life, as I began to open my heart more, I found myself choosing more and more green into my wardrobe. Our bodies and intutions sometimes just have a way or knowing. So do our hearts. 😉 and our relationships can be the most spectacular garden of delight when we open them.


6. Gold and Silver

Gold feels warm, inviting and shimmery / Sliver feels sparkling, alluring and luminous

I put these two together because some women prefer one greatly to the other.  Regardless of which you choose (or both!) Silver and Gold are stunning.

Both are feminine in very different ways.

Yet these colors add to our radiance. IMMENSELY.

That shining quality that attracts men to us like moths to a flame. This is what I speak of.  Let these colors highlight your natural beauty and your natural radiant femininity.

Gold and Silver are so versatile – whether you werae these colors as your clothes or jewelry. Each piece is really unique.  JUST LIKE YOU.

If you want to show up in all your splendor and all your individuality. These colors are the way to go.  Let them highlight everything you have to offer. And you will be unforgettable.


Sealed with a kiss,



p.s. What color makes you feel romantic?  Share with me below in the comments. I love hearing from you! x


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