Love Detox

LOVE IS VISCERAL. When you fall in love you know it. Butterflies…hot cheeks, quick breath, sweaty palms… all the good stuff 😉

And when you heart gets broken, you know that too. heaviness, pools of crying, sleepiness/sleeplessness… I can remember both after my father died and after my first boyfriend broke up with me, that pretty much the only relief I felt was when I went to sleep.  My body literally needed to shut down for a while to feel any sort of feeling better.

So We feel love strongly.  Our hearts LIVE IN OUR BODIES. The heart is physical as well as being the home of our emotions.

Love is physical too. It’s  why sex and affectionate touches feel AMAZING… and why we LOVE when men SHOW their love for us, rather than just talk about it.

Often when women start working on their love lives and undoing all the ways they push away men and love from their hearts. STUFF COMES UP. They feel visceral symptoms too, all of which I can only liken to a detox.

I’ve experienced all of these and continue to from time to time the more I open my heart and strengthen my ability to attract as an alluring, authentic feminine woman.

so I put a little guide together of common symptoms of a Love Detox to support you!

And if you are feeling these… that’s great!  It means, you are detoxing yourself from anything that is not love and from old patterns that have created less than satisfactory circumstances in your romantic relationships thus far.  that means:  disappointments,  heartbreak…you are detoxing yourself from this too.

The List:

1.  Going to the bathroom…alot.

Some of the patterns we’ve established in love are down right toxic.  And what does your body do with toxic waste? It gets rid of it.  Your body is doing the SAME with your love toxins.

Support:  Drink lots of water. My water of choice is always sparkling…  Take salt or clay baths to soak up toxins even more.  And then drink lots of water.

Benefit:  Old unhealthy heart patterns of pushing men and love away are more easily released.  And your skin gets glowing.

2.  Feeling pain –

especially in the chest and belly area.  these two spots are beacons of feminine energy.  your heart and your pelvis.

Last summer, especially as my heart was opening more, I felt a lot of sharp pain moving across my heart. I saw a doctor who assured me thought NOTHING was wrong with me physically, the pain I was feeling was literally the force of new, fresh energy hitting and clearing through old blockages.  or old energy blocks crumbling and disintegrating.

Support:  Breathe into the areas that are hurting. See a trained energy or medical professional (I love working with doctors, trained in both western and eastern medicine)  to put your mind at rest.  Rest. Relax.

3.  Your mind going a mile a minute!  

Some of the MOST TOXIC  habits we have in love are the thoughts we’re thinking over and over. When we pay more attention to those negative voices in our head then in our heart, we get a lot of self doubt, fear, and anxiety…and then this shows up in our relationships! Fear, anxiety, doubt.

When we begin to listen to those voices less, they tend to rear up even more… and seem to argue with you about everything.  Your new thoughts, new affirmations, new ways of being and opening…

Be assured this doesn’t last. The stronger the voice of our heart becomes, the more our mind will follow it and actually begin to support us in love.

 Support:  Remember YOU are in charge of your thoughts.  They do not run you.  I actually believe EVERYTHING can be used to your advantage in love, so ask your thoughts for their help.  Tell them you want to have a better love life.  And will they support you with that?

Your mind LOVES having something to do.  Let it work for you in love now instead of against you.

Also let yourself live more from the neck down…our thoughts grow much quieter then.  Remember our femininity lives in our bellies and below…

4. a lot of guilt and yuck.

When we realize all the things we’ve been doing that haven’t been working in love, most of us tend to feel pretty crappy.  I get it because I’ve been there many times. We realize we could have been having a great relationship all along with our husbands, partners or could have easily turned a past relationship around with a man we really loved.

Instinctively, you may WANT to beat yourself up.  DON’T.   This is a time to feel your feelings and love yourself even more.  And the good news is, it gets much much easier.

Support: Hug yourself.  Kiss yourself.  Tell yourself you are doing awesome. Ask a friend or someone who loves you to tell you, you are great.

Get support. really. The feminine thrives on this.  talk to someone you trust. talk to a coach. your coach. hire one. hire me.  Someone who can help you

5. Tiredness

Your body is working big time to help you in love! It’s clearing out old stuff, putting in new healthy, positive habits.  That takes a lot of energy. So don’t be surprised if you find yourself feeling sleepy.  If it’s hard for you let yourself relax, sleep more, or take naps,  I give you full permission to.  This is one of my secrets for being able to change things so quickly.  My body even told me this week, that in order for me to be where I want to be, I need to go to sleep earlier every night.  And you better believe I will be following this! It’s gotten me great results so far in my love life and my life! And I can’t wait to see what the next results will be 😉

Support:  Rest, Sleep when you want too.  Take naps.  Go to sleep earlier.

Remember the benefits of a detox – increased energy, happiness, health, glowing skin… all of those apply here too… with the added benefit of a rockin’ love life.


Sealed with a kiss,


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