Love and My encounter with a Peacock

IMG_0085 1In relationships, “Peacocks are a symbol of beauty reminding us to take pleasure in the finer things in life. The Peacock is pure of heart, loyal and faithful to their partners. The male Peacock goes to great lengths to attract his heart’s desire. Display the image of the peacock… to symbolize fidelity in your relationship encouraging a lasting and loving partnership.”

Perfect for Birth of Venus Coaching! no? wink emoticon

THIS GORGEOUS creature actually joined me on a walk yesterday throughout the zoo. We turned a corner, saw him sitting and as I passed, he got up and began to walk with me all the way down the hill.

He stopped when I stopped, looked at me and engaged with me, like an amazing partner would.

p.s. White peacocks in particular symbolize spellbinding beauty and attraction. As I see it, just affirming to me, how easy it can be to be captivating and utterly irresistible to men, when we are who we are. And that’s the Modern day Venus way.

xo Amanda

IMG_0083 1 more info on peacocks here:

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