Last day! And the REAL reason I created this “Successful Online Dating”…

Lovel4798889_x-1y one!

Its my anniversary! <3 Four blissful years ago my man and I met.

This is a picture of the place where we ‘officially’ met… I say ‘officially’ because there’s more to this story in my last email here:

On December 11, 2010, it had already been over 3 months since my ex and I had broken up. I felt ready to start dating again…

But this time I didn’t find myself feeling overwhelmed, anxious or scared of dating as I had in the past. Because here is what I changed:

~ I stopped using so much time to think about my past relationships.
~ I stopped putting so much effort into showing that I was a great catch..
~ I stopped focusing on the not so great guys who were showing up in my life…
~ I stopped beating myself up during the times when there were no men…
~ I stopped chasing men and my dream of having a great relationship

And I started doing something else.  Much of which you learn right here:

“Successful Online Dating: Become the Belle of the Ball!”

It was one of the most EASY. EXCITING. HEART PUMPINGLY DELICIOUS AND SERIOUSLY MAGICAL times of my life.  Dating was a dream.  It made me feel so womanly and so cherished.  I felt like I was in a romance novel. And this feeling has not ended 😉

I designed this program to keep feeling this incredible moment again and again..  AND to help women experience the same joy in dating that I found.  I share with you the same advantages I had when i started dating… DIFFERENTLY.

The specifics of this program, I have outlined for you here:

“Successful Online Dating: Become the Belle of the Ball”

And through today it’s available at it’s introductory price of $297.

This program really is for women who want to feel more confident, who want to feel great, and who want to KNOW HOW TO DATE. and ENJOY IT.

feel less pressure..less anxiety…less insecurity.


~ more fun
~ more pleasure
~ more romance.

This gives me so excitement just writing about it! That feeling of anything is possible.  This juices me up soo much. My heart feels alive.  And it sets even my own relationship on fire.

It’s evening here and in the time I’ve written this, my man has come over to passionately kiss me twice and tell me he loves me…tell me he loves being with me.

I FEEL how much possibility and desire is possible for a relationship! And it leaves me thrilled….

Here in this program. it is JUST the beginning. you get to lay the groundwork for a seriously exciting, easy, fun, safe dating experience that makes you feel like a total girl and a full woman.

First we write you an incredible profile.
AND THEN I take you through you MY TOP essentials for ONLINE dating.
What to do. What not to do…

These are the fundamentals to becoming an online dating expert: so you show up feeling confident and sure everytime you log on to your profile and head out for a date with a man.
And so you stay feeling happy, relaxed and safe the ENTIRE TIME

You become an absolute pro and feel like a total feminine woman at the same time.

Welcome to this world of dating ~ Dating as the Belle of the Ball:

Men writing you.  Texting you.  Calling you. Taking you out on gorgeous dates.  Romancing you the way you want to be romanced. And letting it be EASY. – no overwhelm. no exhaustion. Dating and loving it.
And through today it’s available for it’s introductory price of $297.

Questions, Comments, Ready to sign up, reply to this email or write me at [email protected].
You are welcome. So welcome.

I am ready to assist in your dating life and in your love life.  As I wrote before, I thought about writing a few articles on online dating – but if this were me, I know I’d want personal support walking me through the process and keeping me uplifted.

Enjoy how dating should REALLY be ~

You will learn everything you need to stand out, to shine so that man after man, prince after prince on the online dating world (and off) will come to call.

I know the value of “Successful Online Dating Become the Belle of the Ball”.
And some of this info you’ll be able to carry with you for the rest of your life.

Enjoy how dating should REALLY be.

Where we can feel amazingly feminine.  dripping in our confidence, our beauty, our knowing that men would DO anything to be with us.

Enjoy how dating should REALLY be….

TODAY December 11, is the cut off to enjoy

“Successful Online Dating: Become the Belle of the Ball”

at it’s Introductory Price of $297. After this day, it will raise to it’s full price of $497.

Write me at [email protected] to sign up and get started! I can’t wait to help you get ready for the time of your life and love of your life! let’s do this!

Sealed with a big fat juicy kiss!


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