Julie Santiago

Julie-33Julie Santiago is a former Wall Street trader turned women’s empowerment coach, writer, speaker and teacher. She works with women who are ready for a breakthrough in their lives and their businesses. She shows them how to bust through their fears and settle into the truth of who they are and why they’re here so they can confidently claim the life they truly desire.

Julie combines her Johns Hopkins education, her real-life business experience, and her background in countless holistic healing modalities and traditions in order to reconnect women back to their hearts so they can create a purposeful, inspiring and abundant life.

She teaches women how to forge their own path as they build soulfully-aligned lives and business with confidence and ease.

Julie was born and raised in Louisiana and now happily lives in San Francisco with her fire-fighting husband. She loves rituals, ceremony, being outside, camping, cooking, heart-felt hugs, slippers, tea and candles (in no particular order!)