Joy to the World

Venus means PLEASURE in LatinAlive and in Pleasure!. She is the muse of many when it comes to love, beauty, and relationships. And the muse of my coaching.

I want to walk my talk. I also enjoy talking while walking… 😉

So I am committing to living a life of pleasure and running Birth of Venus Coaching from a place of Pleasure!

It’s also from pleasure that I want to share something with you that lies very deep and passionately beating in my heart.

I feel a distinct mission to bring more JOY into the world. And the best way I know how to do this is through pleasure.  Women want to be happy and Men LOVE when their woman feels happy.  This feeling of real, fulfilled, living, breathing happiness within a THRIVING, COMMITTED and JUICY romantic relationship gives us some of the greatest feelings of pleasure we know in life.

So what does this mean for you?

Birth of Venus Coaching is all about guiding women through breaking down the shells around their hearts and bodies  in order to experience and live the incredible pleasure that is waiting for them in their life and their LOVE lives!

For a woman in her pleasure is powerful and totally irresistible in love! She is the woman men want and keep wanting FOREVER.

Sealed with a kiss,

P.S. Rori Raye Coaching Training is over!! And there are just TWO more days to sign up for coaching at my training rate of $40 per session.


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