Interview on SHINE radio

Meet Antiqua Lisha.  A11141311_10152862911943963_3874402007073547630_nnd me 😉 This is us just one year ago at Tara Marino’s “Beautiful For Life” Event.  We met then and have stayed in touch every since! This week, Antiqua ( asked me on her webshow, SHINE Radio to give everyone a shining glimpse of my work and how I became a modern day Venus in my life.

IF you are new to Birth of Venus Coaching. Listen up! This is great info on the work I do to help women have incredible love lives. And if you want more of a great love life, this IS FOR YOU too.

You can listen here:

We speak about my new program too!  A Girl’s Guide to Getting Emotionalâ„¢ which is something definitely for you if you are looking for way more sparkle in your radiance and intimate relationship.More information on A Girl’s Guide to Getting Emotionalâ„¢ here:


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