“If I have sex to soon will I be seen as EASY?”

“If I have sex to soon will I be seen as EASY?”

This question was asked recently and I think it really important for any woman who is dating or wanting to be in a relationship to read this.

I’ve perused other love and relationship coaches/experts/ and this is an answer that always seems to be answered differently.

WHY? because it’s SO personal! for each and every woman.

Here’s my take on this:

We need to stop associating ‘easy’ with having sex to soon. or that easy means you aren’t valuable (by having sex to soon)

‘Easy’ is about your vibe anyway….and it all comes down to this: (it’s so good, I wish i could highlight this on FB!):

Can you as a woman handle that level of intimacy with a man AND not get caught up by him? (meaning not get too attached to him)

AND still be able to date other men? (I dated other men until my now prince asked me to be his girlfriend.)

If the answer is no, a shaky yes… or “I’m not sure” then you know for YOU. – It most likely wouldn’t be good to have sex too early on.

Not because he’ll see you as too easy, but because you YOU’LL see yourself as too easy. You might worry and stop feeling as confident and relaxed. Or You might also start to feel clingy. None of that is very attractive to a man. And it puts him off.

So The EASY that we actually want to focus on instead is that the time with a man feels easy and feels good!

That’s it’s easy to feel good with him.

If it feels good to let him kiss you, let him…if it feels good to let him do more, great. STOP whenever it starts to feel too much. Have a boundary in place for yourself… ok tops off, let him kiss my breasts and then I’m stopping. for example.

I also recommend knowing BEFOREHAND where you want your limit to be. Having that in place will help you go into a physically intimate situation more relaxed and feel safer (which will lead to better/more pleasurable physical intimacy ANYWAY). I’d also keep the alcohol level wayyy down so you are more aware of yourself and can your hear your intuition more easily.

Also For women in a relationship, if you’ve scrolled down to read this far, nice! I encourage you to read one this! It’s called “My Best Sex Tip” EVER: https://birthofvenuscoaching.com/my-best-sex-tip/


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