I invite you to your REAL destiny in love.

Couple kissing at patioI invite you to your REAL destiny in love.

Not what you say ‘ok’ to over and over again even though it’s hurting your heart so much.
Not what you think you have to settle for.  Not what makes you cry hot, lonely tears of neglect and frustration.
And certainly, not the feeling of going to sleep and waking up in an empty bed…
or a bed that may be full but feels so gut wrenchingly alone.

I have FELT ALL of these before.

And I had no idea how to get out of it. At the time I thought my choices were

1.  listening to my friends’ advice
2. secretly reading magazine articles like “Ten things to do to bring his love back!”  
3 giving up and reverting back to the way I’d always done things

I wish I had had help, real help to get me past this, and speed up my journey towards the absolutely heavenly partnership I experience and create more and more of every day.

That’s why I wholeheartedly invite you to

“Love Letters”

Exclusive Email Coaching. For four weeks.
“Really Amanda? Email Coaching?”
yes my darling.. and here’s why…

1.  You can be ANYWHERE – 

I travel often and my clients do too. They love to see the world. They want to visit new places and see the people they love. Some even dream of having a whirlwind romance and meeting their Mr. Right abroad, that’s what happened to me 😉

With coaching exclusively by email,  there is no need to work around awkward time changes and incompatibility in schedules for phone sessions. All you need is internet access, yourself, and a desire for a great love life…and a great man (even if he’s already there!)

In addition to travellers, another group of women “Love Letters” was meant for were busy women
i.e. women who have unusual schedules or long hours,
women who are involved in other programs,
women who feel as though they are juggling family time, work time, and ‘me’ time.
Any of you who can relate to this, I designed this specifically for you to gain the most benefit in the shortest time

2.  It’s unlimited

This is rare. It’s like having me by your side for 28 days:

  • answering your questions
  • shedding light on topics around men and relationships that up until now have been dark, dreary, and very deflating
  • helping you get clear on the romantic relationship you want to have and guiding you more quickly and more easily to it than ever before..

Unlimited means unlimited! You can write me everyday! Some women who have taken “Love Letters” do just this while others take a few days to fully digest the new information and tools.   It all depends on you and the level of support you are wanting from these 28 days.

3 It is deeply personalized – 

During these 4 weeks, we address your SPECIFIC CONCERNS…

  • One woman I worked with was very shy and wanted to discuss confidence in dating and how to be more feminine with men…
  • With another, we discussed the energetic dynamics of men and women in relationships and how to be far more attractive so that she could re-attract her ex back into her life.
  • Another wanted to discuss how to deal with anger, and speak to men in a way that brings them very close to us and wanting so much more.

4. It’s incredibly cost efficient

I created this program to be accessible to many women. If I did the math correctly ;-), “Love Letters” works out to under $18 dollars a day. This is BY FAR the most inexpensive way to work with me, especially for the amount of individual attention and transformative coaching available to be received. This will never be seen again at Birth of Venus Coaching.

5.  It’s a great introduction to Birth of Venus Coaching

and a great introduction to how i work.  Coaching is done in a variety of styles –  We will find the ways that work best for you as well as a multitude of meditations, visualizations, and tools that will benefit you far after the 4 weeks has passed and for a very long time to come…

“Amanda is an AMAZING coach and genuinely wants the best for all of her clients! Amanda has really supported and guided me in finding my feminine, inner confidence. The tools I have learned from Amanda have not only strengthened my relationships with men, but my other relationships, with family and friends and also my relationship with myself. I use her tools and guidance everyday, in every situation and thank her deeply for it!!” – Heather ~ Preschool Teacher, Iowa

6.  It’s the perfect length of time

You will be working with someone who has turned some of her greatest stuck points in relationships and confusion about men around in a matter of days,  and someone who met her knight and special man just 3 weeks after starting dating.  My whole life and love relationship is proof that you can do all of this too! I am here to have an incredible love life and I am here to inspire you to the same!! 4 weeks is both really a SHORT TIME and a LONG TIME in the best of ways…

Just as one of my clients wrote: “We only worked together for one week but so much has changed already!

Things can happen very quickly in love.  Let yourself enjoy and experience this. And let yourself be supported while it happens. Now. Because I will NEVER be doing this kind of coaching again.

Through Friday, November 28th this program is available to 5 women:

“Love Letters”

Exclusive Email Coaching
price:  $499
or 2 payments of $299

This is a Relationship Game Changer in a month. I so look forward to hearing from you.

Please contact me at [email protected] with questions and for further information.

Sealed with a smooch! 😉

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