How your feelings get you more love!

Y5sUGtu5Ts8TUv0Q8uQ2NZDsj7JQS3lde2eDy6Vp6A0Jealousy is not unattractive but when you hate yourself for having it, it is.

Anger is not unattractive but when you don’t know how to deal with it and throw it at someone else, it is.

Silence is not unattractive but when you are doing it to punish somebody else, it is.

Fear is not unattractive but when you let it shut you down and close your heart, it is.

My philosophy is that EVERYTHING can be used to our advantage in love. Everything.

and I have. Even my ugliest feelings. I now harness them daily to inspire even more love into my life . Men flock toward me and my man loves me deeply. I use my feelings more and more to create the relationship of my dreams instead of causing me unnecessary drama, disappointments, and heartbreak.

You are all invited to a call this week I am having on the power of our emotions in romance! Stay tuned!


Sealed with a kiss,


ps. I took this picture when I was feeling really shy in the middle of a photoshoot! Imagine feeling shy and self conscious when everyone is focused on YOU. Not the easiest… so I stopped to take a breathe and give myself some love. We don’t always have to be sunny and happy. It’s ok to show every emotion that we have.   xo

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