How to get your needs met in a relationship! and something brand new…

I figured it out! I love talking to you MUCH more than just writing to you.  Articles are nice but the last time I checked, I’d rather get a phone call from someone I love than just a text or an email.

And this is what I want you to experience with me that you feel special here. cared for.  Because I do care. And I care that you have a great relationship and love life.  These are ESSENTIAL for me and I understand how painful and lonely it can be when we DON’T.

You’ll hear a lot of info in the following eleven minutes.

Main points include –

How to get your needs met in a relationship.
How to tell a man what you need, easily and in a way that inspires him to want to give to you.
Understand men/masculine more deeply
Learn what they actually need from you
How asking for help makes you more authentic.
And Become an even more authentic, valuable and inviting woman with men and in love.

This article is for you if:

You struggle getting your needs met in relationships.
It’s hard, awkward or challenging to say what you need.
You feel nervous about asking for what you want and expressing yourself.
You don’t feel like yourself with men.
ou often reject help from men or feel like they are never there for you.

Things to take away from this article:

Often the way we are just being! is either a big open invitation for a man to come and say How can I help you!” or repels them completely.

Men are always looking to make things better and to make you feel more happy.

When you try to be ‘strong’ a man can’t give to you. And men WANT to give to you.

Men need you to ask for help just as much as you want help.

A tool to express yourself with more and more ease, allure and invitation. 

I love that we get to connect in this more real, intimate way.  For some of you, You’ll get to hear my voice for the first time!  I can’t wait to hear yours and your comments below.


:-*! Sealed with a kiss!








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