How to be more JUICY…



I hear people use the word ‘juicy’ to describe me often.  What I think is kind of cool about this, is juicy (in this sense) doesn’t have so much of a dictionary meaning, instead…it invokes a very visceral feeling.  You just feel it in your body… you know what a juicy peach looks like, tastes like, you know how a juicy person moves, smiles, speaks…

you just get it and you remember it.  no? 😉

a lot of women tell me that they want to be more juicy…

and today as I was walking through the garden in the cloudy misty weather, as the earth and all the flowers were literally getting JUICED UP by the rain, I thought, ok I need to write these women how they can be more juicy.

ready? more juice ladies?

1.  drink water…

You need to juice up your body… your skin, your hair, your eyes, your lady treasure… all of it loves being hydrated.

for those of you, who are like, seriously? everyone says drink more water…well I want you to start drinking it in a way that feels good TO YOU.

In college, I began drinking my water from a WINE GLASS.  I started that all the way back then!  why? because it made me feel awesome! fancy.  HAPPY.

all of that = juicy.

Today, out of college, I make better fashion choices. I also still love to drink water out of pretty glasses. And I’ve added a few things to crank up the juice:  I pretty much drink sparkling water all the time… so much so that whenever my man comes home with a new container of it, I literally squeal and jump in the air with delight. (jump for juice!) :-D.

Recently even, I’ve been pouring water into a big jug and filling it with whatever fresh fruit I have on hand.  The fruit makes me more juicy, naturally,  and the choosing of combinations is so fun, which juices me up as well…

2.  What are you thinking?

Thoughts are moving through your head all the time. Do a quick note…are you thinking juicy things about yourself? about your relationship? your man?  men?  love?

Are you?  Most coaches will say – ok write down the negative things you are saying to yourself. Catch those.

I’m saying: write down ALL the positive, amazing juicy things you are thinking.  About you. men. love. etc. Those are the thoughts to become aware of . Catch on to them. Collect them. And let them multiply. Thoughts kind of just do that on their own. It’s e

3.  Feelings!!

Remember what I just said about thoughts moving through your brain all the time?

Well feelings are literally running through your entire body. all the time too!

It was going to come out sometime or another… why?

In relationships, your heart as a woman is the KEY to so much. Which is why I tell the women I work with to always START FROM THE HEART!

it’s cute! and it’s true.

So Give yourself the key to feeling juicy by noticing now what feelings juice YOU UP.

For me it’s, excitement, feeling magical, easy, relaxed, looking forward to something, totally sexy and open.

And of course, happy.

You are not a powerless victim around your emotions. They do not run you. Your heart can actually cultivate and grow more of the feelings that feel good to you.

Let yourself start to feel more of THOSE.

they will juice you up SO FAST. AND everyone around you.  including men. big time.

4. La Résistance!

First of all, everything sounds better in a fun accent, (juicy communication tip 😉 )

even resistance!

that feeling of being stuck, in the mud, going nowwhere. oh it’s awful.

We’ve ALL experienced this in our lives and in our relationships.

And yet…I’ve noticed that resistance to doing things that used to scare me or keep me stuck for days, even months (years! ouch… 😉 ) has gotten less and less. I can feel how weak it’s grown.

Why is this?  When you start building up more juiciness inside of yourself. this starts to flow SO powerfully.  remember how i said, it can affect everyone around you?  It’s the same WITHIN you. …  the juicier you are the more juice, life flowing inside of you. That power is farrrr more strong than the strength of resistance.  Think how water changes the coast line, how it can move through mountains…

Plus, there is a gift for you on the other side of stuckness.  Every time you move through La Résistance!, YOU GET MORE JUICY.

You pick up all the life that was stuck in that resistance. immediately. And JUICE, my lovely girl, is literally life running through you.

Here’s to your juiciness!  I toast with my fruity, juicy water!

And thank you EVERYONE who compliments me with this word.

When I was a teenager, my grandmother told me once that I was ‘zoftig (meaning: of a woman having a pleasantly plump figure, well-rounded, and full in form – I remember my mother nodding in agreement and all I could think was, Wow!  this is just the coolest sounding word.   I loved how it and it’s definition made me feel about my body.  Can you imagine what this does to a teenage girl’s self esteem?

And then, oh so magically, it turned out that ‘zoftig’, actually means ‘juicy’ in Yiddish…

which comes from the German, ‘saftig’

which I hear now almost every day from my own Love.

Life is a big, beautiful full juicy circle…


Sealed with a kiss,




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