How to be FEMININE in a relationship

10734063_668259196606380_2121686484725725300_nI Love this topic and I could talk about it for days!! Femininity/ Masculinity fascinates me, because I’ve realized this dynamic is where a LOT of the juice, passion, attraction and connection come from in a relationship…or lack there of.

The more I develop as a Modern Day Venus, the more feminine I become in my relationship.

The more feminine I become in my love life, the more happy I am, my man and the gorgeous relationship we are building and growing together are.

So what does being feminine in a relationship mean?  Many people are talking about femininity these days. Many women are trying to be more feminine. If you feel this desire, if you are wanting to develop your femininity in romance and in love, here are a few KEY things you must know about it.

Feminine energy is some of the most POTENT, POWERFUL, INFLUENTIAL, AND INSPRING energy in the world.

Think about it, men die for it, fight for it, risk everything for it…

It is very romantic for us as women to hear phrases like

  • ~ ‘a man who would swim seas for us’
  • ~ ‘a man who would move mountains just to be near us’
  • ~ ‘a man who would do ANYTHING for us”

because deep down, we KNOW we are capable of this, of inspiring a man to do this…

Femininity is also expressed internally and externally BUT has NOTHING to with how pretty a woman is.  A woman of any size or shape etc. can be feminine…

I’ve compiled a list of SIX (my favorite Venus number!) traits of the feminine in a romantic relationship.

What the Feminine is and what the feminine DEFINITELY is not in a happy healthy relationship.

young woman with rose flower

1.  She has both LOVE AND RESPECT for her man.

No, I don’t think these are the same. I have loved men before but did not feel respect for them…even for my man in the past.
The feminine woman knows that a man yearns to be respected just as she YEARNS and I mean YEARNS to be cherished and adored…

She knows that criticism and judging are detrimental to a relationship and weaken the attraction and love a man feels for her.

2.  She is soft on the outside and strong on the inside.

She has the ability to melt. to be warm… to invite a man toward her with her softness…

A feminine woman is often approached by men.  She is often spoken to or flirted with because her defense mechanisms on the outside are shut down.  There is little or no hardness from physical tension or emotional barriers to love.

Her strength inside

  • ~ is her intuition,
  • ~ her determination to honor her desires/dreams/wants,
  • ~ AND the ability to feel her feelings FULLY without drowning in them.

She may have a melt down on the outside but the core of her stays solid.  Like a rock or a fully anchored ship, she cannot be washed away in a storm. No matter how big or how powerful.

3.  She cares less about what is right and wrong.  She cares about HER truth.

Her truth is how she feels.  It is not always logical.  But it is deep, real and visceral for her.  This is not something she has to explain…It is something she simply feels and then expresses in a clear, safe, VERY feminine way that men can hear.

A great clue to know you are not being feminine is the NEED TO BE RIGHT. And the need to point out someone’s wrong.

Does this feel tough for you to let go of?  It has for me!  Sometimes I just want to be RIGHT. And you? Learn to smile about this. It’s just a bad habit. Like picking your nose in public (or at all…ew)  Letting go of this eases SO much tension in a relationship. It will do wonders and make a relationship that much healthier, happier and HOTTER…

4. She lets a man lead, she does not submit to a man.

What would make you feel more comfortable? more excited? more loved?

  • ~ Being asked out by a man/ Asking a man out
  • ~ Being called by men/  Or the one doing the calling?
  • ~ Being proposed to by a man/ Proposing to a man

My sense is most likely you preferred the second scenario in each. This means in general, you feel better responding to a man.  The feminine woman responds to a man. She follows his lead, just as in a dance.  The trouble is sometimes as women we feel confused by the difference between following a man’s lead and being submissive to him.

Submission is like shrinking. This goes against what the true nature of the feminine woman is. The feminine energy is all about shining.  Feminine women glow.  We light up men’s lives.  We light up the world.

We light up hearts.

5. She stays focused on herself.

Does this mean she is selfish?

For the feminine woman, her feelings are of the utmost importance.  Her best, deepest, and fullest ability to connect with herself and with the outside world is through her heart.  Therefore, she must stay focused on what’s going on inside her.

This adds TREMENDOUS value to her and to the relationship. In addition, this allows for  INCREDIBLE CONNECTION with men….

emotionally and romantically…

6. Her heart IS the key to a man’s heart.

The feminine woman does not give away her heart. She does not give her heart to a man. Instead she opens it so he may come inside. This means that our hearts are actually the key that unlocks his heart.  Not by us trying to. But by us being who we really are. Feeling, fabulous, feminine creatures. 😉

Who unlocks your heart as a feminine woman?

YOU.  you have the key already…it’s letting yourself find your heart and opening it bit by bit. When you do, You will shine and have the love of a great man…

Sealed with a kiss :-*!



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