How I took my man’s breath away on Christmas Day…

Boxing Day, ~ it took me a few 54597-Christmas-Loveyears to understand the concept that this was not about sports. But to keep things REALLY physical, today I‘m recording “How to Attract a Man without saying A WORD”

I’ve found this is absolutely necessary for times when
~ we feel overcome with emotion and don’t know what to say
~ when there is awkwardness, discomfort or any tension between you and your man
~ to bring a man close again after he’s been pulling away
OR when a fight breaks out between you two…

It’s also how I took my man’s breath away on Christmas Day…

Learn to take his breath away and bring him close on ANY day.

For now, This will be for a very special group of Birth of Venus Coaching ladies but I’m thinking of making this an exclusive gift from Birth of Venus Coaching in the future…because don’t we all want to attract a man without saying a word?

Don’t we all want to bring our men a little closer?

Don’t we all want to experience more joy and love in our relationships?

I do. Happy Boxing Day and Merry Christmas!


Amanda xx


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