Getting rid of the ex for good…

Girls, I did a big thing today!Happy woman daydreaming about love in office

I happened upon some old photos of my ex on my computer. It’s a folder actually.

And had it been a folder not on my computer but on my desk or just laying around in the apartment, it would have been covered with dust.

I’ve been thinking about getting rid of it. Today I did.

And it felt amazing.

It’s not because I have bad feelings toward him.

It’s because these pictures no longer bring me happiness, they do not remind me of any necessarily wonderful memories in my life.

And they no longer add any value to my life.

What did add a ton of value to my life was what happened because this man came into my life.

Every man who crosses our path is a message giver.

Some messages break us down, some inspire us. Some make us feel great, others not so great, maybe even lousy.

All of them, however,

have the potential to make us incredible women, capable of having incredible relationships.

This man’s message to me was huge. I was selling myself short…my heart…my time…my love…

And because of a very embarrassing, painful break up, I started my journey toward becoming a modern day Venus.

Have I looked back? Sure!

But the looking forward to the relationship of my dreams over time just became more and more interesting.

This is what started to make my heart beat faster instead of him…

And this is still what makes my heart beat fast.

Having a great relationship is my passion and my pleasure.

And it just keeps getting better and better.

Sealed with a kiss,

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