From the intimate files of Amanda Neill…

-3When my parents died, so much of the anger and confusion I felt was because they weren’t there in front of me. In they way that I had been trained to see them and to feel them. Part of my focus and really, passion, is partnership and all things in love ~ and I have to say I am the LUCKIEST girl to have had such incredible role models of a man and a woman, who loved each other, who were tremendously happy and who created an incredible partnership.

I remember thinking when they died “Is this what happens to people who are in love? Is this what happens to happy, and I mean truly happy families? to partners who love each other? Is this what I am destined for?”

It terrified me! so much so that I shut down not all, but a huge part of my own availibility to be a partner for years. Within the past months, I realized I had to get over this fear in order to become the woman who I REALLY AM. And the partner and love coach who I AM MEANT TO BE.

Part of opening up has allowed me to se

e that it’s not ONLY my parents’ love that is available to me. I can feel how much they want to support me around intimate relationships and partnership. This feeling got clearer and clear until today as I walked into my hotel room and noticed that the number of my hotel room is their wedding anniversary.

508. May 8th.
The date that ended a world war and years later began an incredible partnership between two people who loved each other and will forever.


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