First dates DO NOT have to be awkward!: 6 ways to a great first date

ohhh the awkward first date…sweaty palms, nervous giggles, darting eyes, talking at the same time or the WORST, silence…and this is just the beginning isn’t it?

I think we all have our awful first date stories. They’re pretty unforgettable…But I think we also have magical first dates that leave us seeing hearts everywhere, with a glow on our faces and the happy, giddy tingles all week long. Which would you rather have?

I speak for Birth of Venus Coaching when I say, I would love that EVERY date for you to be unforgettable in a great way.   And here are six steps to help get you there.

  1. Music!

    These days most of us have ipods or capabilities to listen to music on our phones.  Pick a song that feels absolutely great to you or two or three! It doesn’t matter so much what the song is…it matters how it makes you feel. You know you’ve got a winner when you feel excited, juicily confident and looking forward to your rendevous.  Listen to it in the time leading up to your date. I’ll say, personally, that pretty much anytime, I am meeting my man, I listen to something that makes me feel alive, soft and really good. The effect it has on my mood, my vibe and our meeting is immense.

    p.s. if you feel stuck here or want more songs to choose from…cuz a modern day Venus always likes choices 😉 I’ll be compiling some of my own favorite love songs for every mood and sharing them your way in the future.

  2. Wear what you WANT TO WEAR.

    I can’t stress this enough.  And I think what has the potential of creating A LOT of pre date stress is obsessing about your date outfit.  Instead of putting on something you think HE will like, put on something that MAKES YOU FEEL GOOD. REALLY GOOD.   I can guarantee you, the hotness factor you are looking for will automatically raise.  You’ll feel more yourself, relaxed, and confident and this will turn him on. Because it’s real and you’re real.  Anything else is a turn off to him.
    Also, always wear your best feature ~your smile! 😀

  3. Be very clear about what you like to do on a first date.

    Looking back at all the first dates I’ve been on, the most satisfying ones to me always included a walk or were just walks themselves.  There’s something about moving the body that feels relaxing. It also easily calms first date jitters.  Plus, you’ll get your blood pumping and energy circulating, so not only will you feel great on the inside, your cheeks will get a nice rosy flush and in a summer, even a little glisten.  How radiant and sexy is this?

    The great news about walks is you can do this anywhere!  And you have opportunities for endless conversation, given the rich scenery around you.

    Another great one is a cafe.  You can get your favorite beverage (hot is epescially good for coziness), hold on to it for comfort as you speak and listen to each other. Tell him how good it feels to drink what you are drinking.  Enjoy the atmosphere.  Revel in the excitement.

  4. Keep it public. very public.

    I never recommend a first date at your place OR his. Keep it outdoors or at a restaurant or in a common place with people around… There are many many possibilities.  The point is you’ll feel safer especially if you are set up on a blind date or meeting a man for the first time. And when you feel safe, you’ll feel more comfortable. This feeling always works in your favor on a first date.

  5. If you’re feeling nervous and awkward, say it!

    omg those silent pauses from hell! or blubbering? or feeling hot and tense and totally clamming up?  Tell him.

    Part of your charm as a woman is your ability to disarm a man with your emotions.  nice, right?  the best way to do this is to communicate how you’re feeling. Chances are he’ll think you’re super cute or he’s feeling the same way too. It’s a first date after all…and there you have it. Open heart + communication = bingo! instant connection! Hello Second Date!

  6. No sex.

    I know that feeling. He’s gorgeous, he makes you laugh…there’s definitely chemistry going on and your body is craving to be touched again. I get it.  However this is not going to serve you in creating a lasting relationship.  Relationships typically take 3 – 6 months to develop. Am I saying wait 3 to 6 months to have sex? Absolutely not! But My philosophy is for you to be feeling your best and confident.  I do believe there are certain factors that need to be in place before sex.  However, this leaves a whole lot of delicious 😉 time (and dates!) for romance and kisses and foreplay……

    Take your time taking off your clothes…it’s so so worth it.

    And enjoy your first date!


Sealed with a kiss,

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