Everybody’s Doing it

Male and female legs during a dateEverybody’s doing it...

But I don’t know how many women are having fun during it…

or how many women are getting the results they’re yearning for.

Do you know what I’m talking about?

I’m talking about online dating, silly! Were you thinking of something else??

Good…I like how you think 😉

Online Dating is so popular these days. In my opinion, it is a truly great platform to meet men… I am after all a MODERN Day Venus. I also wholeheartedly believe that EVERYTHING IS HERE to be used to our advantage.

AND I don’t think Romance has to suffer one itty bit!

Online Dating can be really fun and really romantic

It will help you become that Venus you want to be with men, by moving your love life into unimaginably beautiful avenues.

Let me count the ways:Beautiful couple in love

  1. Online dating is a great and gentle introduction/reintroduction to dating and men.
  2. You learn how to attract men and keep the attraction going strong and hot and steady… oh my…
  3. Easy communication! at last! Because you’ll be speaking to many men…you’ll learn how to talk to them in a way that draws them very very close ;-)
  4. You learn how to handle tense moments, awkward incidents and miscommunications. So relationship conflicts that have plagued you for years suddenly become less and less and VERY easy to handle
  5. Increase your capacity for receiving attention, affection, and love… all things we say we want!

Best of all!

If you are a woman who does not want to waste any more time and wants a man and a relationship like RIGHT NOW, online dating gives you the opportunity to practice all these with lots of men at the same time!

And Yet…

There are countless sites. Countless articles to read…

It’s overhwelming.  Sure it SOUNDS great… 

“But why aren’t men contacting me?  Why are only losers or guys interested in hooking up messaging me? I want a relationship! I want to be married!”

“How do I move this from on screen emails and chats to a REAL LIFE ROMANCE with DATES…flowers…phone calls make my butterflies go crazy…love…”

“How do I handle speaking to more than one man at a time? I feel guilty.”

“How do I get this guy to start writing me again?…I really really liked him.”

“How do I keep men interested?  They write a few times and then disappear completely!”

These are all real questions that I’ve been asked by clients and heard from my dearest friends.

Many women feel overwhelmed by dating.

Are you one of them?

Maybe they were enthusiastic at the beginning but now it feels like work!  Like it’s something they HAVE to do…something that frustrates them and drains them so much they no longer feel ANY excitement around men or love.

or Maybe they tried it as a last resort….but avoid it now.  Because the results they’ve been experiencing so far are mediocre at best. SO not enough to fall in love with or build a relationship from!

It’s true. Dating has become something many women just shy away from all together because it’s too overwhelming, too unsatisfying, maybe even too scary…

This breaks my heart.  Because it doesn’t have to be so hard.  or complicated at all.

Dating is a game/ an art that women were BORN to play and absolutely shine in!!!

Which is why I came up with something at Birth of Venus Coaching :

“Successful Online Dating: Become the Belle of the Ball”

Perfect for the woman

  •  who feels socially awkward/ shy
  •  who needs to ease into romance again…
  • who wants to date but feels hesitant or anxious…

This is the confidence boost you need to really become the Belle of the Dating ball.

The bells of success are ringing now!!

And for you, ma Belle! It’s your turn. Take a twirl!

An invitation to a spectacular dating experience
An invitation to success in love
An invitation to let it be easy and…fun!
You’ll be having a ball.
And I can’t wait to help get you ready for the big event!

Women have been enjoying  “Successful Online Dating: Become the Belle of the Ball” at it’s introductory price of $297. This  price will remain through December 11, 2014. After December 11, this delicious dating program will be raised to it’s full price of $497.  

I look forward to you. And helping you become the belle of the dating ball.

Sealed with a kiss,

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