Das ist meine Freude!…or why I want to be a relationship coach


Relationships were always a thing of mystery to me…

My sister and I were not allowed to date during high school which worked out fine for me actually because most of the guys I preferred and crushed on were not the boys sitting next to me in class but the men in front of the room teaching. 😉  So by the time I got to University and fell head over heels in love for the first time…

Well, I knew I was in love – I had never felt so sure of anything in my life! But I knew nothing about about being in a relationship.

You see, I grew up swooning over romances in fairy tales, flipping through wedding magazines with my mom in bookshop cafes and eagerly awaited Sunday mornings to read the NY times wedding announcements over my favorite raspberry crumb pastry. I had always fantasized about my own Prince Charming.

My mom and dad were still very happy and very in love with each other. My parent’s friends too. So were my aunts and uncles. Even my grandparents!  I felt sure I was destined for the same thing — until my still young, vital father suddenly died of a heart attack.  My mother was heart broken.  My heart broke too.  And I think it shattered a few months later when my boyfriend, my first love left.

I started to believe that love equaled tragedy. Loss. Pain. And that if a man loved me, it was only a matter of time before he left.

I even remember one handsome guy i dated, invited me to a concert taking place in the spring of the next year. When he asked, on the outside I smiled and said “yes!”  But on the inside I was thinking ”  he probably won’t want to be with me. It will all be over by then”

How sad! And yet so many of us think this way if we get really honest with ourselves.

A few years ago, one of my best friends told me she was interested in becoming a relationship therapist but decided against it.  When I asked her why, she said “it would be too sad, too hard”.

As a relationship coach, I don’t want to approach relationships as hard or sad or that they even take ‘work’.  But they do take a deep and devoted commitment to YOU.   To loving and feeling good about yourself no matter what is going on and to trusting deeply that you are worth feeling good, feeling loved, and COMPLETELY worth having and keeping a satisfying, fabulous relationship!

I simplify here yet this is just the beginning ladies…

And I am here for you! Every step of the way. Because I am walking down this road too. I am also on my way to my own Happily Ever After.   Experiencing the same joys and challenges you are. It may and probably looks different than yours but the destination is the same – an AMAZING RELATIONSHIP.

An amazing relationship that fulfills all your desires beyond your wildest dreams…

And to help make the way less bumpy,  I am here to breathe fresh air and shine new light on your romance challenges – spinning them around and reframing them with you – drawing open the curtain and showing you what is possible  – what is there behind the fear — what is decidedly and deliciously yours by birthright. Just because you are a woman. Just because you are you.  Fabulous you!

I would love to be the woman who inspires you to open up so that you can receive all the love and attention you want and deserve.

And most of all I look forward to being the woman who inspires you with her own passion for her happily ever after and helps you get to yours!

— whether you are still looking or looking to reconnect with the man you’ve been with for 2  months, 2 years or 20 years!

For the destination is totally worth it -the stuff all our girlish fantasies and dreams are made of 😉  – and all the gifts along the way are pretty fabulous too.

With so much Love,


Birth of Venus Coaching

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