Connect to a man FAST.

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lovely, lovely, woman! I’m so excited you chose to discover how quickly you really can connect to a man!  Nice!

Just a quick little love bite before we begin.  Aweber, the provider who carries these words to you is REALLY into commitment… And they ask that you confirm your email before placing you on my love list… Please take a quick moment and do that! Otherwise you won’t receive this guide and I know that is what you are here for!

Happy marriage concept. Portrait of a beautiful kissing couple oI am a believer that the best results are made when things begin to change on both the INSIDE and the OUTSIDE. “Connect to a Man Fast”,  is a guide to improving your relationship to men and becoming more of a Modern Day Venus at the same time.    And this is a woman NO man EVER wants to leave.  much the opposite actually…

I know this speaks to the hearts of all women who are searching for deep, true, fulfilling, ecstatic love.  I really feel that because this is what I more and more in my life too.  And You are so welcome here.

This guide is fit for ALL stages of a relationship whether you’ve just met him, are on your third date, or your 3rd year together.  This will be something you can hang onto forever.




DSC_4630“Beautiful, soft, vulnerable, goddess of love.” This is Amanda Neill. She has been called this again and again. Amanda always longed for a blissful and timeless love. But there was a time when she had no idea how to deeply attract this, or keep it in her life. Relationships were hard and unsatisfying, even though she knew there were great men out there. Amanda also knew there was great love and a great woman inside of herself. So she set off to discover this and loved what she found within, A Modern Day Venus.

Amanda created Birth of Venus Coaching to help women become this too. That unforgettable, irresistible woman, who men love to love and want to stay with forever. Birth of Venus Coaching helps women undo all of the ways we push men away from us, all of the ways we push love away from us, and instead create passionate attraction and lasting connection. Through her work, women consistently and dramatically feel more confident, sexy, and worthy of a great love, a great man, and an extraordinary relationship.

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