Change your Love life in DAYS

A note from Amanda,

I truly believe the shells, the habits, the defenses, that have caused us to sabotage our relationships and push love away from us for YEARS can be changed in weeks, let alone days.

I believe this and I know this.  I have been able to do a complete 180 in my love life and the best part is…it continues to turn around. as I open my heart.

Have you heard that loving yourself makes you irresistible to men? It does! Yes! but that’s only half of it… because in all honesty, it is natural that for the rest of our lives, we will continue to love ourselves more, but we ALSO need to learn how to be with men.

We need the skills, skills that I believe we as women were born with and used to create LEGENDARY relationships.

These are the innate skills that guided us BEFORE we learned to trust the certainty of fear more than the certainty of love

before we put men before ourselves, before we took on misguided images and beliefs from the media, from outdated or completely false beliefs…

and before we picked up habits that just do NOT work when it comes to love…

We, luscious women, have been taught to close down, – our voices, our bodies, our minds, our hearts -we have been taught to DO…we have been taught to work hard for love…

When we have forgotten… that we, as women ARE love.

Basically everything you’ve been DOING in love, in order to get something IS a strategy — and now we are struggling to just BE who we are. And be loved for that.

We are trying to BE under the weight of all the defenses that cover our hearts. And That’s hard. No wonder relationships seem so difficult.

I see a lot of women frustrated, unhappy, and angry. They are insecure and full of fears that are running them and their relationships. They are deeply unsatisfied. It repels potential partners. And If they are in a relationship, it makes their men miserable and the relationship suffers..

This needs to change.

I do not believe we are here to have tough relationships, relationships that fizzle out or love that just dries up.

I know there is no end to how good relationships can be, how close we can feel, or how deep we can open ourselves so that men can be the knights and kings they want to be in love. and we want that too. we need them to be.

I think up until now most of us have only been scraping the surface of what’s possible between men and women and in romantic relationships.

I’m finding out.  Join me as I do this.

I am inviting you to 6 weeks of opening your heart, feeling your feelings and having men love you for it.

Introducing to EVERYONE at the Birth of Venus Community and beyond –

To every woman who wants great love in her life – And who wants to be loved –


A Girls Guide to Getting Emotional™

How Feel your Feelings and Have Men Love you for it


Men want to give all their love to us. But if our hearts aren’t open, if we don’t use our feelings in a constructive way, our relationships will be constant failures, stay shallow, or never develop at all.

You were not meant to be a trainwreck in love. You are meant to be endlessly compelling and captivating to a man. He is the bringer of love, he guides you on your way to everything you want in love but he can only do this, if you can let him.

There are so many ways to do this with the power of our feelings.

Learn them here.

A Girls Guide to Getting Emotional is a 6 week private coaching program for BOTH the woman in a relationship or looking for one.  It begins May 12th.

A chance to talk with me about this program, pricing info and details are all available here:

I can’t wait to speak with you soon.

Sealed with love and a kiss,


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