Can a good thing last forever?

emailcoachinMy answer is “Yes!”I do think all good things can last forever BUT they require to grow and transform..

Last year, when I created “Love Letters”, monthly coaching exclusively by email, I had two kinds of women in mind.

1. A woman who is often on the go traveling or who has a very busy schedule, perhaps with irregular hours.
2. A woman who is very shy and needs to ‘ease’ into coaching as well as the love scene.

I wasn’t sure how many women would be attracted to this way of coaching together, but the outpour of women interested and signing up told me that there was something good behind this.

And it has been a really good thing. I’m ready for more now.  That’s why I’m discontinuing “Love Letters”  This is the last month, the last opportunity available to sign up to work together this way.

Because I will NEVER be doing this kind of coaching again.

From today the 19th until November 28th, I have 6 spots (Here come the sixes again! ) for women who want love. real love. And to ease into it gently. 

This is especially a good fit for:

  • Women who have specific questions and want answers.
  • Women who want to light up the room and light up his heart.
  • Women who want to learn how to feel more confident
  • Women who want to want to understand the dynamics between men and women and the dynamics of a healthy, happy, hot relationship.
  • Women who struggle with authenticity.
  • Women who want to feel and be more feminine with men

More information about this will be released in the next few days so you know exactly how to sign up.  Because this is your last opportunity to do exclusive email coaching…FOREVER.

In the meantime, new, exciting, and very unique programs are on their way to you! They will be released at the end of this year and the beginning of 2015!  And Email Coaching is a great foundation to have for all of these new programs.

If you have questions/are already interested or ready to sign up for “Love Letters”, reply to this email or write me at [email protected]

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