Become a Modern Day Venus!

“4 Weeks to Free your Heart and Capture His”

I call this the introduction packages of introduction packages!

It’s designed to make you INSTANTLY more attractive, more sensual and ‘noticed’ by men.

And just FILLED TO THE BRIM with tools to raise your confidence so you start  feeling like a priceless jewel a man wants to treasure forever.

as well as other fun, easy and EXTREMELY effective tools and practices


  • to create Attraction or REattraction
  • to become aware of patterns and habits that have been blocking love from you for YEARS
  • to make you softer, more sensual, more sexy
  • to communicate with a man in a way that he can hear AND at the same time get you what you want
  • to become more authentic and vulnerable than ever before
  • to help you let go of control, neediness and desperation around men

You’ll learn the WHY’S ….

  • Why he’s not calling…
  • Why it’s been so tough to date or maintain a relationship
  • Why you feel so angry, or numb or scared…
  • Why your man is so hot and cold
  • Why your relationship so up and down
  • Why you aren’t attracting men or only attracting men you don’t want!
  • Why you’ve been doing so much and getting so little.

But MORE IMPORTANTLY — in this work you learn the “how to be” – which is what transforms you and your relationship for GOOD.

Young happy couple laying on grass

You’ll gain:

the feeling of confidence, that you can ATTRACT or REATTRACT ANY man you want

the feeling of hope, that it’s not too late for an extraordinary relationship with all the bells and whistles no matter where you stand now

the feeling of desire, that you can be absolutely irresistible to men

the feeling of power, that you can break through those destructive habits and patterns that block love

the feeling of courage, that you can actually use fear to motivate you and help you get LOVE!

the feeling of ease, that you don’t need to struggle or work hard to keep a man or keep a relationship going

the feeling of relaxationthat you can be completely YOUrself  and still be totally adored and cherished

the feeling of complete joy, of ECSTASYwhen he shows up, when your dream of an extraordinary relationship becomes real…

Because it CAN!

In this work;

I teach you the same method that helped me attract a wonderful man and a wonderful relationship.

I listen to your specific situation and create an individualized plan for you.

I see what’s possible.  And in all women I see a masterpiece in progress.

A Modern Day Venus Masterpiece.


  • 4 weekly 50 min. calls

  • unlimited email support between calls (I call Love Notes!)

If you’re reading this, you’re in the perfect place.  It means you’re ready and you’re ready for things to change…

You can have everything you want in love.  The love, the man, the affection, the safety, the commitment…
All you have to do is commit to yourself that you are at least open to believing this.  And I’ll help you with the rest!

Beautiful couple in love

What clients are saying!

“We only worked together for one week but so much has changed already!” – Rebecca

“Amanda is an AMAZING coach and genuinely wants the best for all of her clients! Amanda has really supported and guided me in finding my feminine, inner confidence. The tools I have learned from Amanda have not only strengthened my relationships with men, but my other relationships, with family and friends and also my relationship with myself. I use her tools and guidance everyday, in every situation and thank her deeply for it!!” – Heather

If you think this is too good to be true…

If you’re scared or hesitant or anxious… I get it. I’ve been there.

I’ve also been very lonely, and anxious.  I used to work SO HARD to get a man, trying EVERY strategy under the sun to get a guy and then once I did, lived in CONSTANT WORRY about losing him.

Then it all changed.

And I don’t want you to struggle for another minute!

If ANY of what I’ve written interests you, pulls at you, makes you excited, or sad, or teary, or hopeful, or you just feel in your heart that you want LOVE and you want it NOW – then sign up for a FREE 30 minute “Awaken Your Love session to discuss if this program is a great match for you.

I want your bed to be warm and your heart to be on fire with love and passion.

I want a man surprising you with chocolates and bouquets of flowers and trips and rings next Valentine’s Day…

And most of all I want you to be “head over heels HAPPY, head over heels” IN LOVE and your relationship to be absolute HEAVEN ON EARTH.

May reading this be the best beginning so far of something absolutely incredible.



Sealed with a kiss,