Be adored, even when you feel blah.

FullSizeRenderNothing is wrong when you are sad or angry.

We need to get out of the habit of asking, “What’s wrong?” when we are sad, angry or depressed…

These are all just feelings.

And they make us more of a woman, a real, live, breathing woman.

AS long as we can feel them.

What’s wrong?” isn’t a bad question…

it’s a shorter translation of ““What happened that makes you seem so sad?”

And often times, “What’s wrong?” comes from a good place, from people who care about you.

I bet you’ve even said these words to yourself when you feel crummy.

The issue here is over time, the question becomes less concerned with what may have triggered a certain feeling.

And we sensitive creatures have begun to associate “What’s wrong?” with the feeling itself.

We hear the word ‘wrong’, at the same time we’re feeling these feelings. And It doesn’t take long before “What’s wrong?” turns into “What’s wrong with me?”

I don’t know of a single woman  who hasn’t thought that before…

You see my picture next to you as you read. Scroll up if you’ve forgotten… 😉

In this picture, I feel kind of blah…

nothing is wrong…nothing wrong with me…

just how I felt in that moment.

As women who want to feel their full power, strength, attractiveness as feminine beings and in intimate relationships with men, we must allow ourselves to go deeper in our own hearts.  We need to become more focused on how we feel. knowing that regardless of what we feel,  it is NEVER wrong.

and we are never wrong for feeling it.

So To get here,  A better question to begin asking ourselves and others…

“How are you?”

Here are some more:

gosh, you seem ____. how are you?”

“What is going on right now?”

Are you okay? Did something upset you?

These days my man will ask me directly: “There’s something in your heart. What’s going on?

Asking these questions will increase attraction.  Because you are focusing on yourself and your feelings. This is so sexy to a man.  It actually captivates him.

This will also increase connection because you are connected to yourself. And this is how a man connects to you.

So Connect, connect, connect. Venus was famous for it. That’s why she had and still has millions and millions of fans and people who adore her.

Isn’t it time you were adored? Even when you are feeling blah?

Sealed with a kiss,



ps. and there is absolutely nothing wrong with you. at all 😉



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