Bathe yourself in love…here’s how

Venus came frolagoon, waterfall and sexy blond womanm the sea and so do we!

Water is one of the most effective ways to heal our bodies and further the detox process of any old hurts, disappointments, anger, bitterness, and heart breaks that have been stored in our hearts, minds and bodies.

This is not stuff you want to be carrying around or carrying into your relationships. Birth of Venus Coaching helps you become aware of it and and love it up and water helps you let it go…

Drinking lots of water and taking salt baths are some of the most pleasurable and effective ways to let go of feelings, thoughts and habits that are stopping us from actually having the love we are craving. The salt helps to suck all the yuck out while the water soothes and nourishes us.

Because I’ve let go of sooo much yuck the past few months, after my interview tonight I’ll be dousing myself in a salt bath with roses to help me let go and blossom even more as a woman and a modern day Venus.

mmmm now that sounds good.

Sealed with a kiss,

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