Attack of the Nasty Voices! How to battle back in a brand new way…

The Nasty Voice –

You’ve met him before.  You may even know him well.

He sounds something like this…“You’re not good enough for this guy”  

or this – “You’ll never be happy!” 

or these – “You’re too (old, fat, stupid, ugly…) to be in a relationship!”

“Why bother? He’s just going to leave you anyway.”

“Who are you to want to have a great relationship?”

Remember what happened last time…”

And wait a minute…now that you are paying attention, there seem to a whole party of them!

Sure! You may be invited…but you’re not having fun..because they make you feel…MISERABLE.

And there just seems to be no end in sight!

Does this sound familiar? You know, the nasty voices PLAGUED me for years.

Because it shows up anytime I even START to think, believe or imagine something new;  like –

  • a happier me
  • a better, more connected relationship with my man
  • effortless communication
  • getting the love that I really want…
  • etc!

It’s actually just designed to keep us SAFE and stay within the box we’ve built for ourselves. That way we never have to step outside of it into the unknown where something could hurt us.

The good news is that nasty voices are completely designed by us! – Fun Fact!

So as the creator we can shape them in any way we want. 

It just takes a little practice!

The thing about the Nasty Voice is that it probably will never go completely away, but that does not mean you have to endure their negative talk. There’s a great way to deal with it, to quiet it, and to help you get more of what you want in romance and relationships!

What does not work:

  • Trying to reason with your nasty voices.
  • Any kind of yelling, screaming or back talk
  • Ignoring them or pushing them away

What does: 

  • Speaking with them in a way that makes your confidence soar and theirs too!

Here’s a script you can use anytime the nasty voice(s) come a calling!

If it feels strange or uncomfortable at first, GREAT! That means you’re doing it perfectly! And even if you don’t believe it yet, that’s ok too! Just keep saying it. This will move you into a better feeling and more attractive place.

Imagine that you a cute guy asks for your number. And your nasty voice says ” what’s the point? He’ll never call anyway!”

Step 1: Compliment yourself

“Wow! I am so creative. or Wow! I am such a wordsmith!”

Step 2: Acknowledge the Nasty Voice

“I really hear you.  I know you are just trying to protect me.  Thank you for that!”

Step 3: State your Boundary

“And I’m going to go in a different direction now so that I can have more love and more attention and more happiness than ever before!”

Step 4: Ask for what you want

“I’d love your help with this.  Will you help me get that?”

Step 5: Wait for answer — your nasty voices will answer you with a yes or no

If they say, “NO” –

Respond with an “OK” and let it go.  Run through the script once more if the nasty voice(s) start up again. Once you’ve finished say I’m going to head in that direction of more love and attention now!” Give them a tickle and walk away.

If they say, “YES” – say “Great! Thank you. I want more thoughts of me having more success in love and being absolutely cherished and adored by my man!”

Tell them you love them and move on to something else that feels really good to you.

Congratulations! You’ve just hired a nasty voice to actually work for you in love!…And the more you do this, the more results you see – inside yourself and all that love that is now coming toward you!


Sealed with a kiss,


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