A Quick Way to Become more Feminine

Hi laearthaswoman2dies!

Just some quick inspiration for you as I work on many exciting projects for Birth of Venus Coaching.

You may have heard the importance of being grounded.  Speaking from a romantic relationship and love point of view, grounding is absolutely necessary for a woman to feel more self confident and secure while free  (free of defenses). From here, she can more easily speak her feelings and communicate with a man.

Connecting with the earth as a woman is so special too…The ground below us has been called mother earth for millennia.  maybe forever. Mother Earth is literally the most powerful feminine force on the planet.  the waves you see crashing on the shore, the flowers you see growing on the roadside…the soil beneath your feet…has incredibly potent feminine energy…

Mother Earth really is like a mother, she is ALWAYS there for you.  Imagine you have roots going into the earth just like a gorgeous flower or a strong tree…

Imagine you have magnets in your feet that attach you deeply to the core of the earth. And from this place soak up all of the nutrients, care and energy you need as a woman.  The earth wants to give this to you. From mother to daughter.  Use her femininity as a profound source of inspiration and nourishment.

I know that my daily walks in gardens cultivate my own femininity greatly.  Be in it, connect with it.  go outside… have beautiful plants in your home…take walks… Find your way of connecting with mother earth. something that makes you feel great and even more womanly. She is here for us, remember that always! You can always recharge your feminine energy and then bring that to your love life.

The results will be magical.

Sealed with a kiss!


p.s. How will you be connecting with Mother Earth to increase your femininity? Share below! xxx


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