A new Birth of Venus Coaching Interview: Fear and Love. Fear IN love.

The panicking hot feeling when he doesn’t call for hours…for days…
The queasy feeling in your stomach when you begin to think “Can I trust him?” “Will he love me if…?”.
The dread of an impending conversation…the yuck you feel when you think about what could go wrong…
And the heart wrenching terror when you see your greatest fears start to happen in your relationship.

These are all fears we experience in relationships. And the fear that comes when we as women LOVE.

Fear and Love. Fear IN LOVE.

On Thursday, Julie Santiago of JulieSantiago.com and I are having a conversation about Fear.  And Love.

Both of us have discovered that by improving our relationship to fear, we can improve our love lives. Significantly.
And experience more love with men than ever before.

We want you in on this conversation too:

If fear has ever stopped you from being loved more deeply.  from opening your heart to be loved, from saying yes to a relationship.  or has EVER left you feeling alone and broken hearted, do not miss this call! It will be perfect for you.

Julie and I will be discussing:

  • Julie-33~What fear really is.
  • ~Learn if fear OR love is running your love life.
  • ~Some of the BIGGEST fears that come up around romantic relationships.
  • ~Which fears target women and the feminine heart specifically.
  • ~How and why fear can actually be BENEFICIAL in a relationship.
  • ~Some of the HOTTEST ways (literally) to deal with fear.
  • ~New ways to look at fear that help your romantic relationship grow stronger and help you become more open for love in your life.
  • ~Fear’s Gift to us – It will help you be loved the way you TRULY desire to be.

Fear is not the enemy. My philosophy at Birth of Venus Coaching is that EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING be used to our advantage AND help us become a true Venus in our lives and in a man’s heart.

I specifically asked Julie to have this conversation…as she is one of the most loving, fear slaying, women I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

This woman knows fear. And GREAT, great love. More about Julie Santiago here:

Be with this Thursday, December 18th. 10am PST/1 pm EST/6pm UK

 “Fear and Love. Fear IN Love”

Improve your relationship with Love by improving your relationship with fear

Birth of Venus Coaching Interview with


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