2 days! and why December 11 is one of the MOST ROMANTIC days in my calendar

The Musikverein at Night in Vienna, Austria Hi my love!

What’s your perfect love date? I know that February 14th is widely recognized. But it doesn’t come close to December 11 for me. My butterflies are already going 😉

It’s probably the most ROMANTIC day in my calendar.

And it all started 4 years ago.

It was supposed to be just a lovely weekend visiting Vienna. An early morning train from Prague.  Arriving at the station. Fresh air.  A close hug from my new friend who I’d be staying with.

He had a whole itinerary planned for us exploring city, the christmas markets!, listening to a few concerts, delicious cafes…

Falling in love was not part of the agenda…

In fact, the only thing I had my eye on was a pretty present to buy my sister from the Christmas market 😉  this one 😉

Rathaus and Christmas market in Vienna

But I certainly was open. A couple of weeks before, lying in bed, a little tiny voice in my heart said “Yes, let’s, let’s Amanda…I want to try again” I had started dating.  Letting men approach me…call me…take me out…hold my hand… it was starting to feel really good again.

I was starting to think less about my ex. I felt less pain. more desire to be in love. and to be in a relationship. One that finally worked and just sung.

My first night in Vienna, my friend took me to a BEAUTIFUL Christmas market and then when our toes had become numb and all the Christmas punch was drunk, we got warm inside of one of Vienna’s most beautiful music halls. Musikverein. (It’s pink! :-D)

Many of his friends were singing there that night. A performance of Monteverdi’s Vespers.  I just stood there feeling like the luckiest girl.  Enjoying everything around me. The sights, the sounds, the amazing feeling in my heart.

Musikverein, Vienna

And then, AND THEN… My friend pointed out a tall man at the end singing in the bass section. “That’s my best friend” He said.  Suddenly, I got a RUSH of the WARMEST most golden feeling I’ve ever felt in my belly. It was smooth like honey and completely overwhelming. What was happening?

Later that evening, We went out to celebrate with all the singers. I was already seated when the tall man with the deep voice arrived.

He walked toward me. We locked eyes. I smiled. He smiled. And at the whole table…there was just one empty seat…next to me.

We talked the whole evening together. We couldn’t take our eyes off each other. The distance between our chairs just grew closer and closer.  And by the time we left that night…both of us knew something had started.

The next day I went on the most magical first date of my life…

a story for another day and time…

But on December 11, 2010, I was just like most of the single women out there, wanting a man, beginning to date again, excited to fall in love and so scared to get hurt…

However this time I had figured out something I didn’t know before. Something that would have made things SO much more easy in the past …and which made this dating experience SO WONDERFUL, SO MAGICAL AND SO SUCCESSFUL.


Dating is a game/an art that women were BORN to play and absolutely shine in!!!

Do you want to absolutely shine in dating? with men? You don’t have to wait to fall in love to have that glow about you. That Glow is what makes men ask you out on dates and fall in love with you. Learn this here:

“Successful Online Dating “Become the Belle of the Ball”

I take you step by step through exactly what “Becoming the Belle of the Dating Ball” will look like.  Below is a fun, simple, look at how this program is set up.  I chose to keep it to three weeks because it’s very lucky to me.

In German they say “Aller Guten Dinge sind Drei”   – All Good things come in threes.
And that’s EXACTLY how long it took me to meet my man.  THREE WEEKS. A lot can happen in this time.

With this program, You’ll be glowing more and more with each passing week…
As you become more and more successful at online dating.  And become the belle of the dating ball.

Week 1: All about YOU

af213fbbdd1f34e42b01e6dd460ee339 This 50 minute call will be all about you!

  •  ~What turns you on in love? What do you love? What do you savor? feel passionate     about?  I want to get to know you!
     ~What are you desiring from your online dating experience?
     ~ What kind of relationship do you want?
     ~What is the kind of happily ever after experience you are dreaming of in love?
     ~How do you currently feel about dating?

Any and every opinion and feeling is welcome. But let’s sort them out and work through them together so that you have the best dating experience for you.

This will also be a short introduction of how to speak like a poet and it’s importance in attracting a man.

I will also share with you the special energy dynamic between men and women that creates mind blowing attraction, sparks, and dynamo romance.


Week 2:  Your Profile ~ A Love Letter and a Call for Love

78a0dbbe53a3228cb69eaf0f2b7196b8YOUR PROFILE!!


This is my time to give your profile a complete makeover or create it from scratch!
I will be drafting your profile and help you put out the most attractive, authentic offering of you.
One private client I worked with said it fit her completely. To a T.

This week is always full of giggles, poetry and excited squeals! It’s tremendously fun for myself and the women. Because they look at their profile on paper and see how incredible they truly are…how loveable…how desirable…and how very very dateable.

It’s an ENORMOUS confidence boost and one of the BEST ways I’ve found to prepare to begin online dating.

After reading your profile, you’ll be ALL in.


Week 3 of “Successful Online Dating: Become the Belle of the Ball!”

"In the Vortex of the Waltz" by Vladimir Pervuninsky

“In the Vortex of the Waltz” by Vladimir Pervuninsky

I call this Dating 101.

This 50 minute call will help you stay relaxed, open, easy and happy…so you’ll just want to keep dancing (or dating) all day long 😉

~ How’s it going?: Talking about any concerns and celebrating successes so far.
~ My top ‘Yay’s’ and ‘Nay’s’ of online dating. This is dating fundamentals people.
~ How to respond to men – using the amazing three sentence method developed by my own trainer and amazing love coach Rori Raye.
~ How NOT to feel flooded or overwhelmed when so many suitors come to call
~ The power of scripting (I’m really really good at this!)… and scripting practice. this is amazingly useful for in person dates, phone calls, email messages… this makes your communication skills to die for!
~ You’ll also earn the rule of minimum effort which means maximum pleasure and joy for you.

Special introductory price ~ 297$

This will be available through December 11, 2014.
After December 11, this will be raised to it’s full price of $497.


I can’t wait to help you get ready for the time of your life and love of your life! let’s do this!

Respond to this email or write me at [email protected] with any questions and to sign up and get started!

Sealed with a kiss!!

Amanda :-*

Viennese Music Association p.s.! The beginning of my love story to the left:  The very pink, very beautiful, very auspicious Muiskverein in Vienna, Austria

beautiful image credits:
#1:  pappattila.hu Pinterest via lovecollected.tumblr.com
#2   pinterest uploaded by user pinterest.com/Lulum31/
#3: “In the Vortex of the Waltz” by Vladimir Pervuninsky
Aller Guten Dinge sind Drei! 😉



Remember December 11, is the cut off to enjoy

“Successful Online Dating: Become the Belle of the Ball”

at it’s Introductory Price of $297.
After December 11, it will raise to it’s full price of $497.
I look forward to you. And helping you become the belle of the dating ball.

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