12 days to more love…a surprise from Birth of Venus Coaching!

b4b12027fc3280df8d32c7ebdc743634In the very wee hours of December 25th, my man and I were walking home from his final service conducting in the cathedral…We were holding hands, talking softly…it was so mild outside and the walk was gorgeous, peaceful…

All of a sudden on an extra quiet street, we heard a single bird singing. Loud and clear.  And walking with my love, I thought “Oh my Goodness! It’s like the partridge in the pear tree”

That was the first day of Christmas.

Most of my work at Birth of Venus Coaching is to help women undo all the ways we push men and love away from us. In doing so, we become women who men love to love and who experience the relationship of our dreams.

I call this woman a Modern Day Venus.

Now since that walk on early Christmas morning, I’ve been hearing myself as a Modern Day Venus loud and clear just like that singing bird. I know I am becoming more of a Modern Day Venus.  I can FEEL it. I know I am opening up to more love. I know my heart is opening more. And I know I need support along the way. Because to me, it’s as scary as it is exciting.

That’s why I designed the following 12 LOVE affirmations, one for each day of the 12 days of Christmas to specifically guide and support myself right now. But I really want to share this with you too, my sweet! So that you can feel more support in experiencing even greater love from your relationship or from the relationship you want to attract, if you are single at the moment.

Every single one of these affirmations is for every woman who want a great relationship and be loved by a great man. And who wants to feel more supported doing so.

Because I love uplifting women to greater feelings of confidence, joy, and success in their love lives…

The love you have for yourself is true.  And I begin each affirmation with “My True Love Said to Me…”  This is important. This is YOU speaking to YOU. It’s your heart and your desire for love being heard loud and clear.  LET IT SING.

So Let’s use each of these affirmations, each day of the 12 days of Christmas to carry us into the new year with more security, happiness, and love for ourselves and in our relationships.

The following days and affirmations here on BirthofVenusCoaching.com

and on my facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/BirthofVenusCoaching?ref=hl.

Repeat them as often as feels good for you…you’ll find that you won’t want to stop! And see what happens in your love life…

Let yourself be open to wonderful positive surprises and let your heart be open to love.

Sealed with a kiss (or 12!),
Amanda 😉

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